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The following face reading techniques can be used to get an idea about a person’s past and what’s going on in their life right now. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. It gives an overview of your general fortune trend. An ideal Fortune is like, full and smooth with no visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws in these areas reflect problems in your life, which can be in the form of bad health, distressful relationships or money troubles.

When it comes to face reading, every facial part suggests your luck at certain age point. The 99 years are mark on the face. We are just making this technique simple for doing a general prediction of the future.

0-14 years of age – The ears suggest the childhood fortune from age 1 to 14 in face reading; the left ear presents age 1 to 7 while the right age 8 to 14.The fleshy and well-defined ears suggest the good fortune and family environment in childhood.

15-30 years of age – A forehead reading is a great technique to use if you want to learn about someone’s past. The area at the top of the forehead is called the celestial region in face reading – indicating that a person’s childhood is determined by “heaven” and fate rather than by the person’s own efforts.

A clear forehead is a sign of a happy childhood, help from others, learning achievement, ancestral property and protection from elders. The round and full forehead predicts the good family environment and blessed and comfortable youth with family assistance, whereas a dull skin color or indented forehead are revealing health issues, problems at school, or trouble with family members during that period in life.

31-40 years of age – A nice rounded bright forehead indicates a great start in their career – whereas a darker skin color in that area or if that area is indented, shows that the person must struggle a lot to gain success. Eyebrows suggest the luck between age 31 and 34. If this area is bright, firm, and gently rounded, then the person has a very positive outlook on life. If the eyebrows are thick and there is a wide space between them, then the person will make a lot of money and live a long life. If the eyebrows are very close together, that signifies that the person has difficulty in forgiving and letting go of things. A dull or dark color in this area is associated with health issues and unhappiness in career. The light and sparse eyebrows indicate few friends who can really offer help and ordinary luck with no waves. The beautiful and well-defined eyebrows symbolize certain wealth derived from both work and self-employment. Eyes present the luck between age 35 and 40. The bright piercing eyes indicate the great progress in career between age 35 and 40.

41-50 years of age – Nose plays an important role in luck for wealth. The nose which suggests good luck for wealth is straight and streamlined rather than tough. Such as nose, helps in enjoying a rich life and get new development in both life and career in middle age. If the bridge of nose is sunken or looks pretty small and incongruous, it indicates the family is prone to conflicts.

51-55 years of age – Philtrum presents the luck between age 51 and 55 . The clear and long Philtrum suggests the happy family, many sons and grandsons, and blessed twilight years. The clear Philtrum is believed to be auspicious while the narrow, shallow and dull with mole or scar is inauspicious.

56-57 years of age – Nasolabial folds run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The left Nasolabial fold presents the luck at the age 56 while the right age 57. The Nasolabial folds that pass the mouth corners suggest the health problem at the age, mostly stomach or throat problems, and anorexia, which will weaken the body. If your Nasolabial folds are deep and clear and droop to the corners of the mouth, you will hold the authoritative position, get respect, enjoy health and stay optimistic and cheerful at the age.

58-59 years of age – The left and right cheekbones present the luck at age 58 and 59 respectively. Plump rounded yet not raised cheeks are regarded as the best ones. The flat and glossy rather than sunken cheekbones are favorable, which suggest you will be protected by others and get prosperous. If the cheekbones are sunken and in dull color, it means you will fail at the age or invite jealousy of villains once you make certain achievements, thus cannot feel at ease.

60th year of age – Mouth presents the luck at the age of 60. The regular mouth with thick, rosy and well-matched lips and slightly upward corners is best, which suggests the substantial profit, good care of family and happy life at the age of 60. The mouth with no drooping but upright and slightly cocking-up corners is the best. If the lips are thin and the corners droop, it suggests you will get the dissatisfaction of relatives and friends, have a gloomy mood, often shout abuse, scare off others and live a lonely life at the age of 60.

Love Region – If you want to know about a person’s love life, check out the cheeks. People with rounded bright cheeks tend to fall in love very deeply. The people with low cheeks, uneven cheeks, or with wrinkles, tend to have unhappy love affairs due to over indulgence or selfishness.

Fertility & Energy Region –The area between the nose tip and upper lip or Philtrum – represents the person’s energy resources and ability to have children. Longevity and the ability to have children, is associated with a long, deep, and broad Philtrum. Short Philtrum is associated with an early death, and a flat Philtrum is a sign of childlessness and low energy.

61–75 years of age – The chin represent the period after the 61th year of age. A rounded and spacious chin indicates happiness in old age. The fleshy, plump, perfectly round and slightly protruding chin is the best, which means you will enjoy a carefree and comfortable life, be respected by people around and cared by children and subordinates between age 61 and 75. The short, extremely jutting, pointed or fleshy chin with scar, wrinkle or bad mole is regarded as the worst. A dark hue or a weak chin represents no close friends and unhappiness during that period of life. It can also mean dangers of drowning, food poisoning or waterborne diseases.

So, the next time you find yourself in a meeting, interview or social gathering, take a closer look at the person’s face that you just met. You may just learn something about them even before they utter a word.

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