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An affluent person is gratified in making acquaintance within affluent circles because such associations are comforting and satisfying. Your current level of achievements has a lot to do with your beliefs and success. In today’s scenario, to become a successful entrepreneur strong networking and solid social connections are a must. Though there are many ways to maintain healthy relations be it attending social gatherings, events or via social podium but the most efficacious medium is by following VAASTU PRINCIPLES.

East is the direction of social connections. Treating this zone will enhance co-operation from influential people of the society which further helps in gaining support, name and fame . This will help in business and will support name and fame. The rules of Vaastu Shastra have a profound effect on one’s relationship. It lays emphasis on proper selection of directions, within a structure, since each direction has a particular effect on a person’s personal relationships. For e.g North West direction will affect your relationship with your fathe and the west direction affects your bond with your father. If these places are synchronized with nature, people living within them can receive energy from the forces of nature, without struggling to get the energy required and have better relationship in their lives.

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