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Bergamot – It is used to relieve stress, reduce headaches and muscle pains. It also stimulates hormonal and digestive system. It is beneficial for oily skin. It also helps in smoothening for any type of skin irritation. It is also helpful in diffusing at office will to create positive environment.

Cinnamon – It not only fights viruses and relieves depression but also helps in health problems like skin infections, weight loss, blood impurity, menstrual problems, respiratory problems etc.

Rose – It helps fighting depression and anxiety and is proven good in times of stress and grief. It is helpful in treating wounds and reduction of arthritis and fever. It strengthens gums and hair roots, tones and lifts skin, purifies blood, good for liver, increases feeling of love and devotion.

Eucalyptus – Very effective in healing insect bites and stings, good for cavities or any other dental infection, good for cold, cough, congestion, hair nourishment, makes immune system healthy. It is also helpful in respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and increases blood flow to the brain so to enhance mental activity.

Frankincense – It not only relieves stress and negative emotions but also boosts immune system. Used to help fighting cancer, delay ageing, and fade scars and stretch marks. It is also beneficial to balance hormonal levels, prevents cramps and constipation, regulate mensuration and reduce respiratory problems.

Ginger – It reduces cholesterol level and is therefore good for heart. It heals infections. It also increases sexual desire, is especially an effective remedy for impotency. It is good in treating muscle pain and joint pains and mensural pain. Moreover it boosts confidence. Beside this it treats cold, flu and asthma. It also boosts liver function.

Basil – A well known muscle relaxant, it not only protects teeth and gums but is also helpful in recovering ear infection or pain or swelling. It is an excellent insect repellent. It also treats urinary infections and diabetes. It is also good for constipation.

Lavender – It reduces emotional stress, protects against diabetes, heals burns, improve sleep, and help in healing psoriasis and eczema. It is also beneficial in reducing mensural cramps.

Lemon – It is a natural immunity booster and thirst quencher. It boosts digestion and promotes weight loss. Its properties are known to restore luster of dull skin, effective to have shiny and healthy hair and also helps in getting rid of dandruff.

Peppermint – Not only it has a cooling and refreshing effect, it is also widely used to enhance mental alertness. It is a cooling agent that enhances mood, sharpens focus and has natural energy-boosting properties.

Sandalwood – It enhances sexual desires. It is an excellent emotional balancer and is also helpful in strengthening the hold of gums on the teeth. It helps in strengthening of muscles, and tightening and smoothening of the skin. It reduces blood pressure and is an effective memory booster.

Tea tree – Its uses are vast and its healing power is quick. It heals burns and cuts, dandruff, head lice, psoriasis, ear aches, chicken pox, removes molds, boosts immunity, fights infections, reduces anxiety, and relieves insomnia. Lemongrass – Beneficial in reducing stomach aches, boosts energy, reduces blood pressure and flushes toxins out of body.

Patchouli – Good for treating sexual problems like impotency, disinterest in sex and sexual anxiety. It prevents sagging skin, hair loss, eliminates body odor. It is helpful in losing weight, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, increase appetite and remove toxins from the body.

Rosemary – Cramping muscles, headaches and migraines are treated with it. It is not only a memory booster but also good for hair growth, headaches, migraines and liver infections, blood circulation in body and to have a good immune system.

Ylang Ylang – It has a strong fragrance and is helpful to stimulate hair growth, reduce high blood pressure and fight intestinal problems. It fights depression, gives relief from stress and anxiety and boosts nervous system.

Turmeric – It prevents epilepsy, neurologic diseases and cancer. It improves liver, strengthens the immune system, protects the heart and detoxifies the body.

Orange – It lowers high blood pressure and reduces anxiety and anger. It is also helpful in boosting immune system. It shows good results in giving relief in constipation and flushing out toxins from the body.

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