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I kind of never believed in astrology. At some point of my life, I was going through a lot of hic ups in my life for no evident fault of mine, until a good old friend of mine recommended that I speak with Dipikajee just to see what she had to say, and quiet honestly I went in my initial consulting as a big skeptic, but within just 10 mins of talking to her, I was a believer. I have never felt like this before. She gave me unbiased opinions with realistic and doable small ceremonies that I could perform . Without any exaggeration I would say that my life changed for good. I am more optimistic then ever and things started turning for good in my life. I would highly recommend a visit with OHM healings.

Wish you all the best Dipika jee. Am sure your have changes so many lives for good. God bless you.

Kush Shah

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