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It is often said, health is the greatest of wealth one can hope for in life. Health depends on both the internal and external environment. The external environment includes the wind direction and velocity, cosmic and geo- energetic, temperature, humidity and natural light. The internal environment comprises indoor air, electromagnetic periphery, multiple chemical, sensitivity, color scheme, material, furniture, etc. Here, diet also plays an important role. We all are well aware of the universal fact that, our body is constituted of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. It is due to the complicated balance of these elements on the earth which leads to the evolution of human and other organisms. Any imbalance in these elements can lead to diseases in humans. People suffer from various illnesses or depression inside their house or building. At times it has been seen, the moment occupants move out of the building for a couple of hours, they feel relaxed and energetic. It is an illness which is not anatomical or psychological, but building related. All ailments arising due to Vaastu Shastra defects are either by Vaastu Shastra defect in construction or due to residing in a defective direction.

Whereas in other cases you can see there are a lot of people who may go to any part of the world but would not feel the same comfort and relaxation elsewhere. They enjoy the best sleep only in their own beds in their own house.

If Vaastu Shastra direction of Health and immunity is disturbed the body resistance and immune system weakens, making one prone to illnesses. In Vaastu Shastra we talk about different elements and directions, and the combination of these two generate energy which is responsible for the health of the inhabitants. This energy helps to maintain the required balance in our body, encouraging faster and proper healing. Spending time in the Health Zone will ensure that there is a natural balance in the body boosting the immune system and keeping a person safe from diseases. A structure made according to Vaastu Shastra principles yields maximum benefits and bestows in health, wealth and harmony. Generally, if Vaastu Shastra principles are followed properly then the misery of inmate’s due to illness or some defects is cured biologically or naturally after the directional defects are rectified.

In some houses, disease comes into existence due to wrong construction of the house in wrong directional placement of elements which can only be cured with effective Vaastu Shastra remedial measure. Vaastu Shastra remedial measures are helpful in quick recovery and overcome from chronic disease also.

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