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Welcome To OHM Holistic Healings

OHM Holistic Healings & Energy Healers In Edison, New Jersey

Om Holistic Healings firmly believes in  working upon your  mind, soul and body for success, happiness, health and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

In today’s progressive era, modern technology has overpowered us to the extent that we have forgotten about our own existence and have been unknowingly neglecting ways to be happy and content. Though man has created many amazing technological inventions but has still not been able to create solutions to his own individual problems. These blockages of life restricts health and happiness. The different kind of energy healings is the only route to enhance positivity and release old difficult vibrations.

Through different kinds of healings  we encourage you to focus on the brighter side of life and inspire the inner soul to rejuvenate. We would be so honored to work with you in any life challenges that you are now experiencing and make you feel your best again.

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January 2023
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What Client Says

Dipikka is very knowledgeable and thorough in her evaluation and advice. We were referred to her by one of our friend, during her consultation she was very patient and took time to listen to us. We have consulted her for vastu planning before starting construction modifications to our house. She gave us ample time and worked closely with us to come up with a plan. Would highly recommend her. Thank you Dipikka ji.

I have known Dipikka since 2016.
I met her at Guruji Temple and instantly developed a great connection with her.
She has a strong and authentic personality which provides one with instant comfort to open up to her.
Many of her clients are my friends or other common people of the community who have engaged the services of Dipikka for either Vastu or astrology.

They all rave about the accuracy of her readings and commend her soft and genuine attitude and her willingness to help them in solving their problems.

Seema M. Singh, Esq.
Singh Law

We got Vastu analysis at our place and we noticed positive results in about 2 weeks time. Thank you Deepika Ji for your thorough professionalism and taking care of what our family needed.

Keep up your Excellent work at the ancient practices alive. Thank you so very much, God bless you.

Jithesh Nair

Why Choose Us

A firm believer in spreading happiness and creating a stress free environment, we firmly believe in our motto and strive hard to fulfill every individual’s life with health, wealth and prosperity. Visit us to realize your ultimate potential, achieve desired goals and determine the harmony within by creating a stable life with a lot of happiness and joy all around. Welcome to the mystical world of OHM HOLISTIC HEALINGS and harmonize self revelation and contentment within you. HAPPY LIVING!!

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