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Best Indian Vastu Shastra Services Provider In Tristate

Healing Homes (Vastu Shastra)

We all have a different definition of “happiness”. Regardless of our different perceptions, we all unanimously long for a home that makes us smile. And Vaastu Shastra, the mystical science of directions, combines all the five elements of nature, balances them with the man and the material to make a congenial setting or a place to live and work in the most scientific way.

We at Ohm Holistic Healings offer to our clients a variety of services like selection of an appropriate land or building structure, architectural design as per vastu, analysis of energy flow in a building or plot, refinement of negative energy spaces etc. We study all the details and specifications of the residential or commercial buildings and conduct an in-depth research to identify the problems and offer optimal solutions.

Benefits of availing Vastu services:

Get your factory layout designed as per vaastu or make existing factories vaastu compliant and enjoy getting bulk orders, suppliers support and smooth functioning

Make your home Vaastu perfect with no demolitions and attract health, wealth and prosperity.

Boost your business sales and profits by making your existing office Vaastu perfect.

Enjoy a blissful living with Vaastu Shastra principles at your home and solve major life issues like compatibility with your spouse or amongst family members, higher education, progeny, social relationships, spiritual and emotional upliftment, foreign travels etc.

Vastu Services

Residential Vastu


Create a heaven of positive energy and bliss, Where harmony and prosperity gently kiss.


Transform your apartment into a harmonious space, Where positive energies flow and embrace.

Farm House

Embrace nature’s bounty with open arms, Where farm and home find tranquil


Craft a serene abode within four walls, Where positive vibes and happiness
Vastu Services

Commercial & Industrial Vastu


Create a harmonious workspace design, Where success and productivity align.


Design your dining haven with care, Where good vibes and flavors pair.


Harness the power of industrial spaces, Where efficiency and success interlace.


Optimize your factory space with precision, Where productivity thrives in perfect cohesion.


Transform your showroom into a captivating sight, Where customers feel inspired day and night.


Organize your warehouse, space well-utilized, Where logistics flow seamlessly, optimized.

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