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FAQ'S Related to Vaastu

Vaastu is a Sanskrit word which means “Vas Niwase”, place which helps you to live an ideal life. Vaastu says there is a place for everything and everything has a place in home and in life. It is planning and designing of premises according to nature for happy, healthy and prosperous life. It is a “Science of Architect “written by sages during the Vedic Era in India which is nearly 10,000 years ago based totally on Geography and Panchtatwas.

Sages were very well educated to compile Geography and Cosmic Vibrations. In the era there was no Telescope, Orbiters, Landers, Spacecrafts etc., the observation of Sages about Space has been confirmed by Law of Science! The Sages observed that Earth is titled and revolves around Sun and its own axis too, which gives us different seasons and day and night. Similarly, they observed that wind blows from high pressure area to low pressure area and flow of the Magnetic Field goes from North Pole to South Pole. Also, they worked on the “Theory of Panchtatwas” which is Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space.  Vaastu Shastra is based on all these principles only.

Sages observed that Sun position keep changing from Sunrise to Sunset. Also, people perform different activities in different rooms at different point of time. Besides these factors, friendship and opposition of Panchtatwas( Elemental Theory) has to be acknowledged too, like Fire and Wood are friends but Fire and Water are opponents. That’s the reason in Ayurveda too it is said, for a good digestion avoid drinking water at least 30 minutes before and after any meal, as it calms down “Jath Ragini” which is known as Digestive Fire.

Sages have beautifully explained how these Vedic Sciences like Ayurveda, Astrology, Chakras and Vaastu are interconnected and interrelated. If Southwest in a house is disturbed, then Root Chakra and planets Rahu/ Ketu are disturbed too. In such a case there will be relationship issues and problems in stability of professional life. The theory of Vedic Sciences says that healing on either method will give healing to all. So, one can either meditate daily at a specific time on Root Chakra or do donations of planets Rahu and Ketu or can balance Southwest as per Vaastu. In today’s competitive world, when everyone is going through internal battles and dealing with different pressures of life, it is tough to be consistent with meditation or doing donations on a certain day as per the planetary position. In such a scenario, by just following once the simple remedies of Vaastu, we can welcome ultimate joy, success and overall growth in our life.

Also, in Era , where everything is changing rapidly and nobody can afford to waste time, energy or money, this alternative science can give us a module, to be in rhythm with the Nature and Cosmic Energy for success and growth.

The flow of the Magnetic Field of Earth goes from North Pole to South Pole. When we sleep with head in North then the flow of Magnetic Field enters from head and goes towards toe, which lowers our energy and slowly with time affects our immune system.

Sun rises from East and sets in West. During its movement throughout the day, it is hottest in the South direction. Kitchen falls in Fire Element. Also, UV rays help in killing germs in food.

Due to several invasions and many other factors, we got confined.  Thus, this knowledge which should be known as “Science of Architect” got limited as “Science of Spirituality”, which is unfortunate!

Does Sunrise, Sunset, Wind, Water or Air on this Earth is provided to us according to Religion? The answer is NO!

Mother Nature treats all her children equally. Vaastu is aligning a building or premises perfectly with Universal Consciousness. By this it means that everything is balanced according to nature, giving a smooth flow of Cosmic Energy which helps in Physical, Mental, Emotional, Material and Spiritual abundance.


Today we all continuously use Apps for some or other thing or social media. We all try to fit in with technology. Besides other positive factors, this has made life easier. On the other hand, it has few negative effects too, like, nowadays we don’t possess the memory where tables were learned in a go and hundreds of phone numbers used to be on tips.

Life has become like, someone starting Cardio at the age of 35, doing treadmill extensively and at the age of 40, Doctor said that knee need to be replaced. So, it’s like we maintained one and lost another. Medical Science says that variation in different types of illnesses related to physical, mental and emotional well-being can be experienced in day-to-day life.

Vaastu, here being an “Science of Architect” can help us to be in harmony with Universal Consciousness which balance mind in its own very natural way.

In olden days, people used to go to holy places as usual practice and live in joint families, where families were unconditional support system all the time on every level. Speaking out of heart or mind was much easier and life was simple. But in this era of social media, though we all are dealing with different types of stress and pressures in life, it is important to show you are happy rather than being happy.


Vaastu can be successfully applied without doing any constructional changes. I suggest colors, paintings or products according to the problem, necessity and demand of the client.

No doubt, hard work is really needed. Infact, not only hard work but right decisions at right time, right investments, focus, good management, sharp skills, getting right opportunities, clarity in thinking, sincerity, knowledge of subject and so many other factors are needed to be successful.

Indian Vedic Science says that in Vaastu “There is a place for Everything and Everything has a place”! Once we apply Vaastu rules, that is balancing all the Five elements, which is also called, “Elemental Theory”, we attract right things at right time. Moreover, to be successful, one needs to have mental clarity and it is governed by the place having positive aura and energy.

Feng Shui is also based on this Elemental Theory. Balance in Five elements bring Success, Growth, Money, Opportunities, Cash Flow, Name, Fame, Stability in Career, Gains etc.

Yes! This is known as “Science of Symbols”. Like in Reiki, people use symbols like Cho-Co-Re and in Feng Shui there is different types of Laughing Buddha for different reasons and problems.

Vaastu texts like Vishwakarma Prakash, Mayamatam or Samrangan Sutradhar have talked about how these symbols can be powerful. The human mind is shaped by environment and space it lives in. Keeping the right symbols or products in right direction, programs our space, which gives messages to our subconscious mind.

For example, If I say tortoise, the first word that comes to mind is slow and steady. Do we need this energy at our workplace? NO

The wisdom and patience of a tortoise is not needed at the workplace, as slowness can bring missed opportunities. We must be very quick in this world of cutthroat competition.

Other FAQ'S

Everything in the Universe is Energy. All events are energy driven. This statement comes from the scientific adage that every effect has a cause and that every happening has a force behind it. In other words, it is safe to understand that energy drives the events.

Astrology explains the energy in our life and its potential challenges and possibilities, one can evolve from own chart. It is we who choose the way to respond to these energies, based on our thoughts, words and actions. Astrology is about making a choice between free will and destiny.

Astrology relates itself to planets and to the two luminaries namely Sun and Moon. In modern science, we know, Sun is a star and is the prime mover and, therefore, secondary sources of energy depend upon its energy. Sun sends in its energy directly to the Earth and, also, as reflected energy from the Moon and other planets. This energy may be light, heat, magnetic, gravitational or any other that may be discovered by Scientists in the coming years. The fact of the matter is, the energy reaching Earth comes from the Sun and other planets both in direct and indirect ways.

Astrology is the mother of all the sciences. It is a marvelous science if one has a patience to understand it. Though easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. It is purely scientific and based upon astronomical calculations. It is an ancient practice which assumes that the position of the stars and planets has a direct influence upon the people and events on earth.

Throughout history, famous people have studied astrology and used it for several beneficial purposes. The Bible is filled with astrological information. The Three Wise Men in The Bible were astrologers and learnt that Christ would be born at a conjunction of planets.

Pythagoras and Sir Isaac Newton were astrologers. In India, Astrology is the part of Vedas. Veda means original knowledge and truth. Vedic means, of the original knowledge and truth. It is one of the ancient super sciences that one has ever seen on this planet. Astrological principles were written 1200,000 years ago by 12 famous Maharishi’s, viz. Narada, Bhrigu, Vashishta, Parashara, Jaimini etc . These Maharishis are acknowledged as having been instrumental of preserving the ancient knowledge.

It has been understood through this science, the interplay of karma, reincarnation and free will decides the destiny of man. It helps man in the alleviation of sufferings caused due to his own action and karma. Vedic chart is a road map depicting history, genetics and karma, of a person. Vedic Astrology has details of the horoscopes of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and many other ancient Indian kings and queens, recorded thousands of years ago. According to the Ayodhya Kand of Ramayana, Lord Rama was born in Cancer Ascendant and detailed information about the planetary position in the chart of Lord Rama has been documented by Sage Valmiki

The Bhishma Parva and Udyoga Parva chapters of Mahabharata mention many astrological descriptions and omens just before the Mahabharata war. It also describes a period of draught with several planetary combinations. There is also a very clear reference of about two eclipses, a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse occurring, creating a rare 13 day lunar fortnight.

For centuries, humans have looked to the heavens for guidance. History proves the truthiness of astrology. We can find reason for everything in astrology. When all the great sciences in the world fail to explain the reason for a particular incidence or occurring, Astrology speaks. It is a divine science which enables us to look into the future and determine the life path.

The logical greatness of astrology can be realized through few examples. Like, during the full moon children are more hyper, more cars break down and most important, mental patients show change in mood and overreactions. This could not be a coincidence. A psychiatrist may fail to explain this, but astrology can explain this in a simple manner. As per the Astrology, moon is the significator of mind and heart (Chandrama manaso jathaha). The Moon affects the tides of the ocean. The Moon rules our emotional nature and our body is made up of 85% water.

Yet another example to prove the logicality of this divine science, Twins are born and brought up in the same family but still have different nature and do things in different manner. This is because planets strongly influence the zodiac signs. A person’s horoscope is highly influenced by their planet which also influences their zodiac sign and, therefore, decides the traits and characteristics of the individuals falling under the particular zodiac.

Moreover, in the present scenario, medical science has all the modern technologies to serve the purpose still sometimes it becomes difficult for doctor’s to diagnose. Whereas astrologically, merely by casting a horoscope, with deep analysis not only the disease existing can be identified but also the disease likely to be arising in future can also be observed from the dashas or timings, well in advance. The greatest wonder of astrology is that the position of planets in the horoscope of a native not only throws light on his health but also reveals with fairly good accuracy the type of diseases likely to arise to the family members like father, mother, spouse, brother, sister etc at a given time which is impossible even to the slightest extent in medical science. This is in reality, the enigma astrology commands.

Human beings in their life face a lot of pain, misery and troubles, which affect them both emotionally as well as physically. To avoid pain and to seek pleasure has been one of the major objectives of our lives. The other major objective for a selected few of us is to know our true self and to know the ultimate reality and be one with it. Whether the objective is material or spiritual, as per one’s destiny there could be a lot of hurdles.

There are several more advantages in studying astrology. It allows us a more objective understanding of our character, recognition of our talent and potentials, and an opportunity for emotional and spiritual maturation. It is a guiding thread for a happy and successful life as it helps in enjoying good health, prosperity and relationship compatibility.

Astrology shows the path and result of karma done in past and freedom to make the future through the position of nine planets. When in exaltation, the impression of the planet can be gentle and often very spiritual and suggests the karma of positive qualities from the past endeavor. In the same way, a planet in a bad position suggests traits that may have been misused, neglected or acted upon in an erroneous manner in previous life creating problems is present life, thus the chance to work on them is accorded in this life. Particular house, compatibility, incompatibility and aspect of planets also play an important role in suggesting that how particular energies have blended and worked together in the past, whether in a harmonious or antagonistic way.

Astrology has not only given us tools to determine what destiny has in store for us but also the ways to avoid the hurdles in achieving our material or spiritual goals. Remedial Measures allow one to solve his or her problems by modifying the karma in a systematic way. These measures help in solving karmic problems.

Indian tradition states that Astrology is a divine science and it has come down to us on earth in the form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The primary objective of Astrology is to help us to understand God, liberate our soul from this materialistic world and reunite with eternal Supreme Lord. Another objective is to reveal past, present and future of an object and thus finding out the best natural course by identifying one’s actual strength and weakness.

Hindu astrology believes in the theory of Karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word which means action. This doing can be physical, verbal or an action of thought and plays a key role in determining the person’s destiny. The “Bhagwad Gita” also supports the law of Karma.

It is often said, “As you sow, so shall you reap” and as per the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, whatever action we perform is recorded in a person’s soul as our Karma and based upon our deeds is our destiny determined. Karma creates the future, but it is also an echo from the past because karma conditions our soul through memory. The Law of Karma in modern scientific age can be determined just like Newton’s Third law of Motion: “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. The law of Karma is infallible and everyone invariably is subjected to it.

A man’s destiny is forged by his Karma, the effects of his actions in the past. There is a perpetual tug-of-war between free-will and destiny; and our actions at any moment are a resultant of these two forces. In the ordinary man, free-will is not very strong. His actions in life will, therefore, correspond, to a very large extent, to the forecast given by his horoscope. But, in the case of persons of great spiritual development, there will be some variation, even though the general pattern will remain the same as indicated by the horoscope. In this world of relativity, neither fate nor free-will could be supreme. It is some sort of a conditional liberty which man enjoys.” [From the Address delivered at the Specific Conference organised by the Astrologers’ Guild of America, at Hotel Astor, New York, on 11-10-1959]

The law of karma or past doing, is not stifling and one only gets what one sows, yet it provides options and allows room for the operation of free will. Karma and free will are all part of the same process. Our everyday life is interplay between fate and freewill. Our fate or previous karma creates a certain situation in which, acting wisely, is our freewill. Here freewill again creates a new karma. Thus, this loop of karma and destiny fold us and we remain within it. The only way we can nullify our give and take account and destiny is through sustained and regular spiritual practice.

Numerology is the fascinating science of numbers in relation with English alphabets. Every alphabet is assigned a number value. Numerology is occult game revolving in single digit number 1 to 9. Number zero is considered to represent nothingness. Each number has its own characteristics. No number can be said is better than other. Each number has its own negative and positive marks, talents, potential, ambitions, drawbacks, misfortunes and so on. Each number has its own vibration and a certain power associated to it. The date of birth and name of a person reveals complete uniqueness and destiny of the person

Numerology uncovers your potential and helps with goal-setting and planning your future thereby reassuring that you are on the right path. The greatest benefit of numerology is the gift of insight. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and numerology provides you the roadmap for your life so that you have an idea of where you’re going and what to expect along the way

We all have a different definition of “happiness”. Some of us get ecstatic at the mere thought of spending quality time with our loved ones, while others prefer not to sit back and relax rather strive hardest as per their abilities to attain all the luxuries and amenities in life which a common person may only dream and think twice before stepping ahead to achieve .

Regardless of our different perceptions, we all unanimously long for a home that makes us smile. And while most of us work hard to put food on the table and pay our bills, we still somewhat struggle to make our lives fuller. As humans, our strongest drive is our desire for fulfillment.  We all share a need to experience a life of meaning and purpose which can be achieved by maximizing the generation and accumulation of positive energy. Such positivity can be experienced by following the principles of Vaastu Shastra, the traditional art of architectural science. There is a hidden scientific meaning and reasoning behind every Vaastu guideline to add worth to a man’s life.

Vaastu Shastra  is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which is an ancient mystic science for designing and buildings. It’s core purpose is to create a natural healthy atmosphere inside the house by maintaining balance of panch mahabhoot and earth’s magnetic field Vaastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong. Though this science is not essential for living, but is highly recommended for a better and healthier life. Only this science can manipulate the forces of nature to work in favor of mankind. This is a science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. The principles laid down in Vaastu Shastra were formulated keeping in view, the cosmic influence of the Sun, its light and heat, solar energy, directions of wind, the moon position, the earth's magnetic field and the influence of cosmos on our planet.  That is why an East facing house has the advantage of being graced by the rays of the rising sun which bring life, vitamins and nutrients.

The whole Vaastu Shastra depends upon the law of nature. As the North Pole and the South Pole of the earth have magnetic properties in same way the upper portion of the head of a person is called North Pole and the lower portion of the legs is called South Pole. As the flow of magnetic forces always from the North Pole to the South Pole, there is always repulsion in the north to North Pole and South to South Pole. Special attention is given to these properties of Man and Earth, in the Vaastu Shastra

Besides this the earth has its own gravitation due to which it attracts all the things and objects towards itself. The gravitational force is alike for the non living and living beings.

There is nothing lifeless in Vaastu Shastra. It has been seen that in every atom the properties of matter is electrons, protons and neutrons. According to the nature these electrons, neutrons and protons are always mobile. Out of the three, one is stable and other two are always rotating in their range. When the last particle of a non living object is mobile, then how could it be a dead thing? In light of this natural miracle the science is silent on all such aspects.

According to Vaastu Shastra says that there is no word called lifeless in Vaastu. The origin of Vaastu emanates from the said Revelation. In Vaastu Shastra the rotation of earth is from west to the east direction and it also holds an important place. We see the rising of sun from the east and setting in the West. This is due to the rotation of earth from west to east direction. Along with this the Earth is inclined on its Axis at the angle of 23 and half degree.

The state of Earth's Vaastu Shastra is based upon the situation of Sun, the properties and the position of the matter. Everybody knows that the sunrays in the morning are God’s blessing and boon for the living beings but are harmful in the evening due to their radio-active properties.

Vaastu is said to be one of the oldest among the 64 ancient Hindu literatures.

Vaastu and can be wonderfully used for every structure like room, house, temple, shop, industry, town planning, cities and even for earth. There is no doubt that people who are actually living or working in a surrounding that have been constructed in fulfillment to the rules of vastu shastra certainly lead a happier and content life. Vaastu Shastra, helps to harness the benefits of cosmic forces, the solar energy and the lunar energy, which works to the persons advantage and upgrade peace, prosperity and achievements. If a house is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. If it is against Vaastu principles, it will be a spot for all kind of issues, stresses and no peace disharmony.

People have experienced mental solace, happiness & prosperity by constructing buildings according to Vastu shastra. And any rectification, remedy or extension of residential, industrial & commercial buildings has brought those people to reap fruits of mental peace & prosperity while progressing to new heights in the society, nation & family.

Although, Vastu shastra lost its glory during the Mughal rule & was further damaged by the British, it still exists. The ships passing by the sea adjoining the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa used to sail near the temple attracted by the magnetic power of the stones & were able to sail further only after sunset. The British destroyed the rocks of magnetic power of the temple by dynamite. However, still the temple exists on the sea beach even today. The whole city of Jaipur was constructed as per the principles of Vastu by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1727 A.D.

The Balaji Temple of Tirupati is the most prosperous temple with Vastu qualities. Other examples of Vastu constructions are the Joshi Haveli of Jodhpur, Vidyaranya Temple of Shrangeri, Dashavtar temple of Devgarh, Venkateshwar Temple of Tirupati, Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, Sai Baba Ashram of Puttaparthi & Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain.

It can only be imagined how the knowledge of Vastu must have prospered among the people of Italy. The Pyramids which were constructed thousands of years ago still exist in the same form. Even today the mummies are safely kept in those pyramids.

The Authenticity of Vastu is more visible in the Geographical situation of an area as the Vaastu for every place changes. We see that some countries are much advanced, developed and prosperous while others are much backward. Water in the Northeast is considered most auspicious and Japan has the largest water body in this direction, a reason for its being one of the  most prosperous countries in the world. This small nation has Pacific Ocean in North East. It developed in a short period, sustaining the violence of the Second World War. Though the area of the island is not much, yet it’s all round growth is praise worthy. But as the island is covered with water, it has lot of water in South East too, which leads to frequent earth quakes in this country.

On other hand, look at geographical conditions of Africa. It’s North East portion is cut off, and the whole continent is quite erroneous according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra. The whole world knows the ultimate result of this irregular position. There have been civil wars, ethnical feuds, people were treated as slaves, famine stricken troubles etc. Another good example is Britain. It has been claimed that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Everybody knows that the British culture, Civilization, Industrial Development, political strategies, religious Supremacy, the popularity of the English language are seen even today in each and every country in the world. The extent of this country is less, but its dominating power cannot be questioned.

The reason for this importance is the Atlantic Ocean on the West, the North Sea spreading up to the Arctic Ocean is on the North, that is why this little country was able to load over the whole world It is also found that as one progresses towards the North-East in the United States of America the land becomes richer and richer.

1) Meditate and chant once a day. These are believed to infuse positive energy in the environment.

2) Poster of crying woman, war scene, crime, angry person, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. If you are having one of them in your home, remove it immediately.

3) The toilet seat should preferably be along the north south axis.

4) Avoid Cactus, Rubber plants, bonsai plants, and Milky plants in the house as they add to your tension, illness and stunt growth of the children.

5) Having a toilet in the North East corner of the house or industry can ruin it financially, giving lot of mental tension and quarrel among people. Always cover the W.C (toilet seat), use sea salt, blue towels to minimize ill effects.

6) Always keep finished products in North West to give quick movement of stock and early recovery there off.

7) To control expenditure, keep a yellow vase in appropriate zone.

8) To ensure victory in court case, hang a picture of sword in appropriate Vaastu zone.

9) A living room or drawing room in East gives long lasting social associations.

People wonder what is science behind Vaastu?

The name Vaastu Shastra itself suggests that it is a ‘Shastra’. Shastra means a rational Science based on observations and facts. It takes into account the laws of nature which are governed by a set of principles. Vaastu Shastra was formulated nearly 5000 years ago and with time and generations it has evolved. Being based on practical facts it has survived the tests of time indicating that it is a Science and not a Superstition.

Vaastu Shastra was formulated by our Rishis as they had the wisdom to understand the thinkings of people. If they had not enforced the principles of planning very strictly, people would have built according to their understanding. Since people have differing tastes and ideas on aesthetics they would have created ugly and unaesthetic structures which might have led them to self destruction and misery. Perhaps to prevent such a situation, the principles of Vaastu Shastra were made as strict rules. It was said that if one followed the Vaastu principles strictly, one would live a happy, content and prosperous life.

And if they were not followed, the inhabitants would be sick, unhappy, quarrel with each other and even die at early age. As a result, this ‘Science’ became a ‘Superstition’.

Even today many people follow the basic Vaastu principles while designing their new house or reconstructing one, as they fear that there could be adverse effects if not followed. There are people who exploit the common man’s fears and superstitions and charge exorbitant fees by exploiting the ignorance and beliefs of the people. Such practitioners of Vaastu blindly follow the standard thumb rules of Vaastu Shastra, without realising that the changed socio-economic conditions without considering the fact that each site is unique by virtue of the surrounding structures, trees, water sources, orientation, topography etc., and hence should be planned accordingly.

To really help people achieve positive energy in their buildings, one has to have in-depth knowledge of Vaastu and understand the logic and reasoning behind each and every principle.

The city of London is famous and rich because it is situated on more or less the ideal principles of Vastu Shastra. It is found that at the root of the progress and prosperity of the cities like New York, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. are always the benedictory principles of Vastu Shastra. It is also found that as one progresses towards the North-East in the United States of America the land becomes richer and richer. Study the location and construction of the famous temple of Tirupati from the angle of Vastu Shastra. Its legendary prosperity is mainly due to the exemplary implementation of the principles of Vastu Shastra. The main temple is situated on the South-West side of the temple precinct. On its North-East direction is a lake and pond. The dining hall of the temple is on South-East side while the North-West and North side of the temple is allocated to the godown (storage place) for grains and items require in the kitchen. The entire temple precinct is of square shape as a result of which its axis and that of the Earth are perpendicular to each other. The main temple is occupying only the one fourth area of the total precinct and on its Eastern and Northern side is an open area. Thus the Tirupati temple of Lord Balaji is an ideal place according to the norms of Vastu Shastra which is why it is the most prosperous temple on earth.

Finance is the heart and soul of every business. Money is a common denomination that facilitates getting us what we want in this world and in our lives. Over a period of time, we have evolved from using the barter system to a new approach. But still the core of the system is the same. We either give or get services or products, and in exchange we give or get money. While small scale businesses’ financial circulation depends majorly on payment, receipts and cash flow, big businesses have their own sources to maintain financial stability. Whether it is starting up a new business, or achieve faster growth with expansion, mergers or takeovers, getting funding from banks, financial institutions, equity markets or investors is a must. In all of these situations, application of Vastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets.

For a good business your products or services should not only be attractive but also readily accepted by the people. If people are attracted towards your products or services they spend money to buy them. If business is good then your home also starts attracting money. A good business can come from all directions. For a business we need to materialize good business deals, grab opportunities at right time, support from bank, right investors, support from market, quick recovery of payments, and control the expenditure. For desired results we can apply Vaastu, by just keeping the elements and objects in the correct directions.

Life is all about love, sacrifices, commitments, joys and relationships. Vaastu can make you satisfied mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. It creates a perfect balance of Mind, body and soul. With the help of Vaastu Shastra we can create and support a protective environment for intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional growth of a person. Vaastu helps in creating a positive and healthy environment for a person.

Vaastu & Home

Interiors not only relate to human psychology but it also has deep rooted connections with human sub consciousness. Human beings are in close relationship with the place where they live and work. They share a very sensitive relationship with their home. The bonding between a home and its inhabitants should be complete and continuous. Directions play a major role in creating an aura of passion, tranquility and rest, which are very important for your love life to go smoothly. Moreover, it is a known fact that the people are closely linked with things around them like furniture, gadgets, decorative items, interior, materials etc which combine altogether and create an environment, which has a strong impact on a person. The best said evidence of strong bonding between a human being and his/her home can be seen when the occupant has to sell the house. The memories of various phases of life makes it difficult to take such a decision. Here, with the help of Vaastu this relationship between occupants and home can be positively improved by creating positive aura in the house.

Vaastu means balancing a building with the laws of nature. It is a science to create a perfect harmony between nature and building, such changes depend on the favourable and unfavourable directions and the elements related to them. The occupants would respond in a better manner if the building is so designed considering the conscious and unconsciously psychological set up of the occupants.

Behind every Vaastu tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow. For instance, with a few minor changes in a bedroom's decor, a couple can perfectly harmonise the universal life force and promote the flow of warm and sensual energies.

Various aspects of our personal lives can be greatly improved by Vastu, which is a science that reforms the external influences to bring a positive change in a person's life, including his relationship with the spouse, power of conception and even progeny. It also facilitates a healthy, calm and relaxed state of mind. Interestingly, not just its directions, but also the decorative items placed in the bedroom, including artifacts, paintings, mirrors, statues etc. have a direct bearing on your life. For example, an aromatic candle kept in the South-east direction adds to the excitement level. On the same lines, the incorrect placement of a mirror in the bedroom induces the feeling of infidelity in either of the two partners. Similarly, a couple of love birds or doves on the bed rest inculcate feelings of togetherness.

It is often said, health is the greatest of wealth one can hope for in life. Health depends on both the internal and external environment. The external environment includes the wind direction and velocity, cosmic and geo- energetic, temperature, humidity and natural light. The internal environment comprises indoor air, electromagnetic periphery, multiple chemical, sensitivity, color scheme, material, furniture, etc. Here, diet also plays an important role. We all are well aware of the universal fact that, our body is constituted of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. It is due to the complicated balance of these elements on the earth which leads to the evolution of human and other organisms. Any imbalance in these elements can lead to diseases in humans.

People suffer from various illnesses or depression inside their house or building. At times it has been seen, the moment occupants move out of the building for a couple of hours, they feel relaxed and energetic. It is an illness which is not anatomical or psychological, but building related. All ailments arising due to Vaastu defects are either by Vaastu defect in construction or due to residing in a defective direction.

Whereas in other cases you can see there are a lot of people who may go to any part of the world but would not feel the same comfort and relaxation elsewhere. They enjoy the best sleep only in their own beds in their own house.

If Vaastu direction of Health and immunity is disturbed the body resistance and immune system weakens, making one prone to illnesses. In Vaastu we talk about different elements and directions, and the combination of these two generate energy which is responsible for the health of the inhabitants. This energy helps to maintain the required balance in our body, encouraging faster and proper healing. Spending time in the Health Zone will ensure that there is a natural balance in the body boosting the immune system and keeping a person safe from diseases. A structure made according to  Vaastu Shastra principles yields maximum benefits and bestows in health, wealth and harmony. Generally, if Vaastu principles are followed properly then the misery of inmate’s due to illness or some defects is cured biologically or naturally after the directional defects are rectified.

In some houses, disease comes into existence due to wrong construction of the house in wrong directional placement of elements which can only be cured with effective Vaastu remedial measure. Vastu remedial measures are helpful in quick recovery and overcome from chronic disease also.

EAST is the direction of social connections. Treating this zone will enhance co operation from influential people of the society which further helps in gaining support, name and fame .

An affluent person is gratified in making acquaintance within affluent circles because such associations are comforting and satisfying. Your current level of achievements has a lot to with your beliefs and success. In today’s scenario, to become a successful entrepreneur strong networking and solid social connections are a must. Though there are many ways to maintain healthy relations be it attending social gatherings, events or via social podium but the most efficacious medium is by following VAASTU PRINCIPLES.

Numerology is the fascinating science of numbers in relation with English alphabets. Every alphabet is assigned a number value. Numerology is occult game revolving in single digit number 1 to 9. Number zero is considered to represent nothingness. Each number has its own characteristics. No number can be said is better than other. Each number has its own negative and positive marks, talents, potential, ambitions, drawbacks, misfortunes and so on. Each number has its own vibration and a certain power associated to it. The date of birth and name of a person reveals complete uniqueness and destiny of the person

Numerology uncovers your potential and helps with goal-setting and planning your future thereby reassuring that you are on the right path. The greatest benefit of numerology is the gift of insight. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and numerology provides you the roadmap for your life so that you have an idea of where you’re going and what to expect along the way

Man has been using numbers at least since 6000 years. The Stone Age man described good understanding of numbers through cave paintings. All ancient civilizations too have used numbers in their scriptures. Early man needed numbers to count his sheep or animals, for division of people and assigning first or second post in social groups. The calculation of hours and minutes, pyramids, ratios, fractions, calculation of waning and waxing moon etc require exact knowledge of numbers.

Bible has several references in relation to numbers. Pythagoras invented geometry. The decimal system and Zero is India’s greatest contribution to the subject.


There are supernatural powers that continuously play their role in the lives of human beings. The science of numbers helps us to analyze mysterious cosmic records for our spiritual and material development. Both these developments are important for growth of soul and body and hence live a fruitful life. One can notice that any two people born on the same date share similar qualities and drawbacks. If we deeply check the events of our life, one can notice that some numbers are associated with fortunate events while some numbers continuously play unfortunate role in our lives.

The time and birth place also plays an important role in person’s life. The time when reduced should be in harmony with birth number. The birth place’s number should be also in harmony with birth number.

Keep three things in mind :

  • Track your numbers
  • Numbers don’t lie
  • Increase the numbers

Tarot is a science where early man represents the numbers through significant drawing or representation. Each card has a number and an event associated with it. There exists a strong and enthralling relationship among numbers and Tarot. The picturisation of cards gives a better understanding of numerology.

Number 19 is the most powerful and fortunate number in numerology. It is a spectacular combination of Sun and Mars. In Tarot it is Sun card, Prince of Heaven. The card shows shinning Sun, little naked boy ridding pony, radiant sunflowers and a red banner. Sun is the only visible God on earth. People born on this date, using house number or any connection of this number with future events are promising and extremely lucky.

Similarly 23 is another auspicious number, Royal Star of Lion. It is another fortunate combination of Moon and Jupiter. In Tarot it is ‘Ace of Cups’ which denotes success in all ventures. The card shows a God’s hand offering a chalice or cup which is well balanced on His palm and overflowing, a white dove holding a sacred small disc and beautiful lotus below. This card commits help, protection, success, wedding, birth and celebrations. This card is represents emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

If in a Tarot spread both these cards appear, which is very rare, then happiness, honor and success in all ventures can be predicted with assurance.

Similarly, Number 18 is combination of Sun and Saturn, which are adverse to each other. It is an unfavorable combination. Moreover, it falls in the series of Mars, when reduced to a single digit. In Tarot it is Moon card. The card shows shinning Moon between two towers, drops of blood falling from Moon, a wolf, a crab, a hungry dog and some stones. For people born on this date, using house or any connection of this number with future events gives illusions, delays, ill health, strong opposition and obstacles, uncertainties and deception. As this card indicates danger from natural elements, country or city in connection to this number face natural calamities.

Numerology is the ultimate tool for self love and understanding. Its key benefits are to know the strengths and weaknesses to best accomplish our destiny .With the knowledge of numbers one can grab the best opportunities and can deal with drawbacks as it creates a positive environment around us, wipes negativity, attaining gaining good health and wealth and improving career and growth prospects.

It reveals the karmic relations of a person and makes him wise in sowing new seeds as it allows to expand the horizon of your spiritual awareness.

The concept of using Numerology to estimate the potential for long term compatibility with a prospective partner is a surefire way to increase your odds for a good relationship

It also helps in understanding the compatibility among two persons and relationships too.

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. Many religions believe in the process of Reincarnation. According to Numerology, when we die we pass on our karmic energy to the next living soul down the line. This theory is now a scientifically accepted phenomenon too. Death card and Judgment card in Tarot deck represents ‘Karma’ and ‘Reincarnation’. In numerology it is represented by number 13 and 20.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between Numerology and past lives? They’re very well could be a direct correlation! The numbers in your life are going to repeat, and they will always point to the lessons you soul has struggled to learn in the past. Numerology can bring you insight into who you were in the past, so you can comprehend the traits and lessons you have brought with you in this reincarnation.

History reveals that European royals and number 2 has had an unfortunate connection. Edward 2 of England was murdered whereas Charles 2 of France was poisoned. Henry 2 of France was killed in an accident and Richard 2 of England was murdered.

Numerological studies have proved that Presidents elected in the years ending with 0 in USA either died in office or confronted assassination attempts. Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 and was assassinated in 1865. John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960 and was assassinated in 1963. Similar is the case with Theodore Roosevelt (1910) and Ronald Reagan (1980).

The number of case studies to prove such co incidences is never ending……

In India Years ending with 22 either brings unfortunate episode or bloodshed. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 and Indira Gandhi in 1984. In 1966 Lal Bahadur Shastri died of heart attack in Tashkent and an emergency was declared in 1975. Our country experienced a series of bomb blasts in 1993 in Mumbai.

There are nine planets in our solar system and only nine numbers on which all material calculations are based. Each Planet rules on a particular sign of the twelve Zodiac signs and has a specific individual characteristic, vibration and trait that influences the person born under its ruler ship. Each planet is also allotted a number.

Our ancestors throughout world have considered nine planets. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Characteristics of a planet and the association of a number with a planet have been same in all the cultures, religions and languages. Isn’t it really fascinating and marvelous!!!

The numbers assigned to each planet are as :

Rahu or Uranus-4
Mercury- 5
Ketu or Neptune- 7
Saturn- 8
Mars -9.

The days of the week has been named after these planets.

Numerology means science of numbers. Each number carries a peculiar electromagnetic power with which characters and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced. There are numerous events in a person’s life be it good or bad. One can be sheltered or guarded from the dilemmas and obstacles in life through divine knowledge. Occult science helps in treatment of these difficulties just like medical science treats diseases.

There has always been synchronization between spirituality and science. Our future depends upon science and spirituality working in synchronicity for attaining that super consciousness. Numerology is one of those spiritual sciences which help us to understand our lives much better, realizing our potential and living a completely fulfilled life. Numbers dominate human lives because each number has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. Number 3 and 7 speak for spiritual knowledge and progress of human spirit. Here number 7 is unique. Spirituality and sciences have both shown their presence through these two numbers.

Number 3 represents trinity, 3 meals in a day, 3 jewels in Buddhism, 3 primary colors (red, green and blue),3 states of matter(solid, liquid and gas), 3 Ayurvedic Dosha (wind, bile and phlegm), hat trick in sports.

There are 7 days in a week, 7 chakras in body, 7 notes in a musical scale, world has 7 continents and 7 seas, 7 colors in rainbow, 7 types of grains, 7 Rishis in heaven, 7 rounds or 7 vows in Indian wedding and so on.

Aroma means scent, and therapy means treatment. Each essential oil comes with its own therapeutic benefits and helps to improve health and general well being.

Aromatherapy is very versatile and is used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Though aromatherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years, it is actually part of a tradition that began over two thousand years ago.

Aromatherapy products are not only used for therapeutic application but also as skin care products too. This therapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for improving psychological or physical well-being.

Aromatherapy also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants. These essential oils are made using dozens of different medicinal plants, flowers, herbs, roots and trees grown all over the world.

The health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to relieve anxiety and depression along with curing headaches and inducing a sound sleep. It strengthens immune system and improves digestion. It is very beneficial in balancing, harmonizing and promoting a perfect blend of an individual’s physiological, psychological and spiritual well being.

Aroma oils are highly concentrated so they are usually diluted in other products. To keep the oils in their natural state, they are diluted in natural carrier oils, such as olive, coconut oil etc. Using these oils is fun and soothing, helping in relaxation and de-stress.

There are many ways to get started with these oils.

1. Inhaling – In this process one can inhale these essential oils to harmonize
“chakras” and nervous system. Inhaling requires utmost care and should be done under the guidance of an expert therapist only. We at Ohm Holistic Healings help you in customizing your personal aroma oil.

2. Bath – A great way to relax is by adding essential oils to your bath chemically produced product or soap should not be used in addition to essential oils while bathing to enjoy utmost pleasure and relaxation.

3. Candles – These are by far the easiest form of aromatherapy. There are candles available in the market infused with essential oils.

4. Compresses – Few drops oil of aroma oils are added in hot water. A cloth is soaked and wrapped around for best results.

5. Facial Steam – Few drops of essential oil are added in hot water in a pot. The person is required to cover head with a towel and experience steam on his/her face.

6. Massage – For massage, the essential oil is mixed in right proportion with its carrier oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. to give a soothing and relaxing effect.

7. Diffusers – There is various types of diffusers on the market. They make your room smell nice and help to de-stress by giving a relaxed feel.

Aroma therapy not only relaxes and de-stresses, it also provides various health benefits to cure issues like pain, blood pressure, depression and insomnia. Though medical assistance is also required in such cases, but up to a certain extent aromatherapy has proven to alleviate the symptoms too.

Bergamot – It is used to relieve stress, reduce headaches and muscle pains. It also stimulates hormonal and digestive system. It is beneficial for oily skin. It also helps in smoothening for any type of skin irritation. It is also helpful in diffusing at office will to create positive environment.

Cinnamon – It not only fights viruses and relieves depression but also helps in health problems like skin infections, weight loss, blood impurity, menstrual problems, respiratory problems etc.

Rose – It helps fighting depression and anxiety and is proven good in times of stress and grief. It is helpful in treating wounds and reduction of arthritis and fever. It strengthens gums and hair roots, tones and lifts skin, purifies blood, good for liver, increases feeling of love and devotion.

Eucalyptus – Very effective in healing insect bites and stings, good for cavities or any other dental infection, good for cold, cough, congestion, hair nourishment, makes immune system healthy. It is also helpful in respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and increases blood flow to the brain so to enhance mental activity.

Frankincense – It not only relieves stress and negative emotions but also boosts immune system. Used to help fighting cancer, delay ageing, and fade scars and
stretch marks. It is also beneficial to balance hormonal levels, prevents cramps and constipation, regulate mensuration and reduce respiratory problems.

Ginger – It reduces cholesterol level and is therefore good for heart. It heals infections. It also increases sexual desire, is especially an effective remedy for impotency. It is good in treating muscle pain and joint pains and mensural pain. Moreover it boosts confidence. Beside this it treats cold, flu and asthma. It also boosts liver function.

Basil – A well known muscle relaxant, it not only protects teeth and gums but is also helpful in recovering ear infection or pain or swelling. It is an excellent insect repellent. It also treats urinary infections and diabetes. It is also good for constipation.

Lavender – It reduces emotional stress, protects against diabetes, heals burns, improve sleep, and help in healing psoriasis and eczema. It is also beneficial in reducing mensural cramps.

Lemon – It is a natural immunity booster and thirst quencher. It boosts digestion and promotes weight loss. Its properties are known to restore luster of dull skin, effective to have shiny and healthy hair and also helps in getting rid of dandruff.

Peppermint – Not only it has a cooling and refreshing effect, it is also widely used to enhance mental alertness. It is a cooling agent that enhances mood, sharpens focus and has natural energy-boosting properties.

Sandalwood – It enhances sexual desires. It is an excellent emotional balancer and is also helpful in strengthening the hold of gums on the teeth. It helps in strengthening of muscles, and tightening and smoothening of the skin. It reduces blood pressure and is an effective memory booster.

Tea tree – Its uses are vast and its healing power is quick. It heals burns and cuts, dandruff, head lice, psoriasis, ear aches, chicken pox, removes molds, boosts immunity, fights infections, reduces anxiety, and relieves insomnia.

Lemongrass – Beneficial in reducing stomach aches, boosts energy, reduces blood pressure and flushes toxins out of body.

Patchouli – Good for treating sexual problems like impotency, disinterest in sex and sexual anxiety. It prevents sagging skin, hair loss, eliminates body odor. It is helpful in losing weight, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, increase appetite and remove toxins from the body.

Rosemary – Cramping muscles, headaches and migraines are treated with it. It is not only a memory booster but also good for hair growth, headaches, migraines and liver infections, blood circulation in body and to have a good immune system.

Ylang Ylang – It has a strong fragrance and is helpful to stimulate hair growth, reduce high blood pressure and fight intestinal problems. It fights depression, gives relief from stress and anxiety and boosts nervous system.

Turmeric – It prevents epilepsy, neurologic diseases and cancer. It improves liver, strengthens the immune system, protects the heart and detoxifies the body.

Orange – It lowers high blood pressure and reduces anxiety and anger. It is also helpful in boosting immune system. It shows good results in giving relief in constipation and flushing out toxins from the body.

Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. Every facial feature such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. has a psychological meaning. You see, facial features and personality traits – such as gifts, and talents – go hand in hand. Face reading is more than just learning about a person’s characteristics. It can also give a general idea about your fate: past, present, and future. It is possible to actually see how a person’s life will turn out – starting from their childhood until their transition – just by reading the face!

One can also do a face reading to reveal the state of your health. The Taoist monk healers used to read faces in their diagnostic practices. They discovered that since the skin is very thin and delicate on the face, the first signs of any health problems will be revealed in that specific area of the body. Today, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are still practicing face reading to detect illnesses in a patient.

Face reading will immediately offer you valuable information about human beings. It is very practical and valuable in sales and business applications. Like, the length of the head reveals foresight. Round face people are emotional whereas square shaped are practical.

One can do facial readings on self, lover, family members, friends; co-workers etc. and discover facts that may give big surprises!

We at Ohm Holistic Healings offer you valuable information based on face reading which would be very practical and valuable in knowing about your career, health, love life, personality traits of your loved ones, sales and business applications, old age, travel, siblings, assets, marriage, wealth etc.

Of great importance, face reading is also applicable to many occasions like blind date, job interview, making friends and business negotiation, and can be a great help in preventing you from taking wrong decisions.

We all are aware of palm reading to determine fame and fortune. Similarly Face reading is also a science which predicts the fate by reading the facial features of people. As the saying goes “personality and thought can be judged by people’s faces”. Through face reading, we can learn many things, such as fate, character, future and fortune, about someone we meet for the first time.

Of great importance, it is applicable to many occasions like blind date, job interview, making friends and business negotiation, and can prevent some wrong decisions.

For instance, a happy married life needs a positive and jovial partner. The mouth shows us how happy we are in life. When we are negative or feel disappointed in life and we start saying or thinking negative thoughts more often than happy ones our mouth shows it. Our mouths will start to turn down in the corners. Plus, when we are stressed our lips start to thin out. Negative people tend to have turned down and thin lips, this makes them hard to work within.

If you learn Face reading then whenever you are in a meeting, interview or social gathering, take a closer look at the person’s face that you just met. You may just learn something about them even before they utter a word.

Moreover, Face reading can tell us more about :-
Career and Succes
Love Life
Old age

The following face reading techniques can be used to get an idea about a person’s past and what’s going on in their life right now. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyone to read. It gives an overview of your general fortune trend. An ideal Fortune is like, full and smooth with no visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws in these areas reflect problems in your life, which can be in the form of bad health, distressful relationships or money troubles.

When it comes to face reading, every facial part suggests your luck at certain age point. The 99 years are mark on the face. We are just making this technique simple for doing a general prediction of the future.

0-14 years of age – The ears suggest the childhood fortune from age 1 to 14 in face reading; the left ear presents age 1 to 7 while the right age 8 to 14.The fleshy and well-defined ears suggest the good fortune and family environment in childhood.

15-30 years of age – A forehead reading is a great technique to use if you want to learn about someone’s past. The area at the top of the forehead is called the celestial region in face reading – indicating that a person’s childhood is determined by “heaven” and fate rather than by the person’s own efforts.

A clear forehead is a sign of a happy childhood, help from others, learning achievement, ancestral property and protection from elders. The round and full forehead predicts the good family environment and blessed and comfortable youth with family assistance, whereas a dull skin color or indented forehead are revealing health issues, problems at school, or trouble with family members during that period in life.

31-40 years of age – A nice rounded bright forehead indicates a great start in their career – whereas a darker skin color in that area or if that area is indented, shows that the person must struggle a lot to gain success. Eyebrows suggest the luck between age 31 and 34. If this area is bright, firm, and gently rounded, then the person has a very positive outlook on life. If the eyebrows are thick and there is a wide space between them, then the person will make a lot of money and live a long life. If the eyebrows are very close together, that signifies that the person has difficulty in forgiving and letting go of things. A dull or dark color in this area is associated with health issues and unhappiness in career. The light and sparse eyebrows indicate few friends who can really offer help and ordinary luck with no waves. The beautiful and well-defined eyebrows symbolize certain wealth derived from both work and self-employment. Eyes present the luck between age 35 and 40. The bright piercing eyes indicate the great progress in career between age 35 and 40.

41-50 years of age – Nose plays an important role in luck for wealth. The nose which suggests good luck for wealth is straight and streamlined rather than tough. Such as nose, helps in enjoying a rich life and get new development in both life and career in middle age. If the bridge of nose is sunken or looks pretty small and incongruous, it indicates the family is prone to conflicts.

51-55 years of age – Philtrum presents the luck between age 51 and 55 . The clear and long Philtrum suggests the happy family, many sons and grandsons, and blessed twilight years. The clear Philtrum is believed to be auspicious while the narrow, shallow and dull with mole or scar is inauspicious.

56-57 years of age – Nasolabial folds run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The left Nasolabial fold presents the luck at the age 56 while the right age 57. The Nasolabial folds that pass the mouth corners suggest the health problem at the age, mostly stomach or throat problems, and anorexia, which will weaken the body. If your Nasolabial folds are deep and clear and droop to the corners of the mouth, you will hold the authoritative position, get respect, enjoy health and stay optimistic and cheerful at the age.

58-59 years of age – The left and right cheekbones present the luck at age 58 and 59 respectively. Plump rounded yet not raised cheeks are regarded as the best ones. The flat and glossy rather than sunken cheekbones are favorable, which suggest you will be protected by others and get prosperous. If the cheekbones are sunken and in dull color, it means you will fail at the age or invite jealousy of villains once you make certain achievements, thus cannot feel at ease.

60th year of age – Mouth presents the luck at the age of 60. The regular mouth with thick, rosy and well-matched lips and slightly upward corners is best, which suggests the substantial profit, good care of family and happy life at the age of 60. The mouth with no drooping but upright and slightly cocking-up corners is the best. If the lips are thin and the corners droop, it suggests you will get the dissatisfaction of relatives and friends, have a gloomy mood, often shout abuse, scare off others and live a lonely life at the age of 60.

Love Region – If you want to know about a person’s love life, check out the cheeks. People with rounded bright cheeks tend to fall in love very deeply. The people with low cheeks, uneven cheeks, or with wrinkles, tend to have unhappy love affairs due to over indulgence or selfishness.

Fertility & Energy Region – The area between the nose tip and upper lip or Philtrum – represents the person’s energy resources and ability to have children. Longevity and the ability to have children, is associated with a long, deep, and broad Philtrum. Short Philtrum is associated with an early death, and a flat Philtrum is a sign of childlessness and low energy.

61-75 years of age – The chin represent the period after the 61th year of age. A rounded and spacious chin indicates happiness in old age. The fleshy, plump, perfectly round and slightly protruding chin is the best, which means you will enjoy a carefree and comfortable life, be respected by people around and cared by children and subordinates between age 61 and 75.   The short, extremely jutting, pointed or fleshy chin with scar, wrinkle or bad mole is regarded as the worst. A dark hue or a weak chin represents no close friends and unhappiness during that period of life. It can also mean dangers of drowning, food poisoning or waterborne diseases.

So, the next time you find yourself in a meeting, interview or social gathering, take a closer look at the person’s face that you just met. You may just learn something about them even before they utter a word.

Face reading does not only include the study of a person’s character and fate, it can also be applied to learn about the overall state of a person’s health. Each part of the face corresponds directly to a part or area of body. In fact, up to 70 % of a patient’s health issues, can be detected just by examining the face. This medical art was developed by Taoist monk healers 3,000 years ago. They discovered that the face is like a hologram, and each internal organ and energy meridian, is connected to a specific area on the face. Due to its simplicity and accuracy, face reading is still a common diagnostic practice within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Forehead – A forehead reading can give you insights about the condition of a person’s heart, bladder, and small intestines. A forehead without any spots, lines, rash, or color change, indicates a good physical health.

A vertical line between the eyebrows – This relates to a congested liver, holding in toxins and angry emotions

Area below the Eyes – Eye bags, or dark circles under the eyes are indications of issues with the kidneys.

Upper Cheek, Upper Lip – Any problems with the stomach will be noticed on the upper cheek or upper lip, as color change, rash, spots, or lines.

Nose, Ears – Red nose or ears, or spots on these areas, can be signs of heart problems, according to Chinese face reading.

Gastro-Intestinal Problems – these are marked by a mole in the centre of the nose bridge. The bigger the mole the more pronounced the stomach and intestinal problem.

Lower Cheeks, Chest – The lungs are related to the lower cheeks and chest, which means that any problems with the lung could show up as skin problems on these areas. Changes in the appearance or texture of the hollows of your cheeks may indicate lung issues or be a sign that you’re not inhaling oxygen deeply enough.

Lower Lip, Crease at base of Nostrils, Sides of Chin, Back – Skin problems in any of these areas could be a sign of problems with the large intestines, according to Chinese face reading.

Chin, Jaw line – Chinese face readers have noticed that spots, lines, or color changes on the chin are indications of hormonal imbalance, or problems with the reproductive system. It may also relate to a digestive system blockage.

Crow’s Feet around the Eyes – It is too common indication of premature ageing.

Fertility, Gynae, Prostate Problems – these are indicated by tight, flat, short philtrum.

Each and every aspect of your face tells a different story about your fate and personality. Don’t just look at your facial features, but notice their size (thin eyebrows, small eyes), and type (sloped forehead, square face), as well as any lines or wrinkles that are present. All of these features tell a story, and this section on face reading will take you deeper into the science of physiognomy

Facial Shapes

Round Face

They are known as “Water-shaped” faced people. They are also called Moon faces. They have plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. If you are looking forward for a long-term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice. They love good food and are highly domestic. These people are very smart, intelligent, reflective and diplomatic, with a strong business sense. They are very adaptable, jovial, dynamic, and enjoy variety, but tend to be slow in decision making. According to face readers, men and women with this face shape are very optimistic, kind, caring, and sensitive, and seek stable and long-term relationships. A person with a round face shape can be very creative and intuitive. Also, people with round faces are dreamers, lazy and thought to have vivid sexual fantasies!

Heart Face

A heart shaped face – also sometimes known as “Wood face”, are not very interested in physical activity. They are not very fond of outdoor work and tend to have lower physique. They would rather spend their time analyzing and acquiring knowledge. Other heart shaped face characteristics include being natural leaders, good planners, and having a great sense of responsibility. They are also able to see the big picture, and seeing through a project. People with heart face shapes are deep thinkers, and very philosophical with strong ideals. They’d rather collect knowledge instead of spending time on their financial situation. These kinds of persons spend more time nurturing their relationships, as they are very loving and generous. Many writers, artists, and researchers are people with heart shaped faces.

They are weighed along with narcissism and may have problematic relationships.

Triangular Face

A triangle shaped face – also sometimes known as “Fire face”. People with this face shape are extroverted, very sociable, and have a fun personality. A person with a triangle face shape is like an open book, and never keeps grudges inside. They often have an illuminating quality and can change people’s perspective. A person with a triangle shaped face is very people-oriented and need others to fully shine. Working as a presenter or speaker are perfect career choices for a person with a fire face, or anything else that requires an audience or networking skills.

The only thing they need to control in order to be successful is their fiery temper! At times they are rough too.

Square Face

A person with square shaped face – or sometimes referred as “Earth face”. They are very methodical, practical, and “down to earth”. They seek stability and security in their work life, as well as in their personal life. You will never find them rushing into things, or taking unnecessary risks. A person with this face shape prefers the safe and proven path. Other typical square face personality traits include being conservative, prudent, quiet, and not easily influenced by other people. Work areas that are suitable for a person with a square face shape are finance and insurance, since they are very trustworthy, perceptive, intelligent, analytical, stable, and reliable. They are suitable for works where more physical energy is required.

This face shape is associated with an aggressive and dominating nature. They are tough and offensive.

Rectangular Face

They are honest, diplomatic and have leadership qualities. They tend to dominate but with less force, often they get their way in politics, business or sports. They are best suitable for professions like top level executives or officials. Though being always balanced, at times they either become ambitious or melancholic.

Oval Face

An oval shaped face – also sometimes known as “Metal face”. Women are often best artists. Other typical oval face shape personality traits include firmness, High IQ, Perfectionist, Honest, Self-critical, Bold, True Pioneers, Balanced, Sweet, Charming, Best diplomats and managers. They obey the rules and are good in decision making. They are great in positions of justice. They also tend to be weaker in physical strength. Able to duplicate Even so, they tend to be very bold, and full of brilliant ideas, but often leave the ”heavy” work to their co-workers. Sometimes they can be dangerous, but temperamentally are weak.

So, the next time you find yourself in a meeting, interview or social gathering, take a closer look at the person’s face that you just met. You may just learn something about them even before they utter a word.

We all are aware of palm reading to determine fame and fortune. Similarly Face reading is also a science which predicts the fate by reading the facial features of people. As the saying goes “personality and thought can be judged by people’s faces”. Through face reading, we can learn many things, such as fate, character, future and fortune, about someone we meet for the first time.

Of great importance, it is applicable to many occasions like blind date, job interview, making friends and business negotiation, and can prevent some wrong decisions.

For instance, a happy married life needs a positive and jovial partner. The mouth shows us how happy we are in life. When we are negative or feel disappointed in life and we start saying or thinking negative thoughts more often than happy ones our mouth shows it. Our mouths will start to turn down in the corners. Plus, when we are stressed our lips start to thin out. Negative people tend to have turned down and thin lips, this makes them hard to work within.

If you learn Face reading then whenever you are in a meeting, interview or social gathering, take a closer look at the person’s face that you just met. You may just learn something about them even before they utter a word.

Moreover, Face reading can tell us more about :-

  • Fate
  • Parents
  • Career and Success
  • Life
  • Love Life
  • Travels
  • Children
  • Old age
  • Siblings
  • Assets
  • Marriage
  • Health
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Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It was originally meant to help deepen the understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. Meditation is a simple but life-transforming skill that can help you to relax, enhance understanding about yourself and develop your inherent potential. It is considered as a type of mind-body complementary medicine which can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

In a deeper sense, Meditation means to go beyond the limitations of the physical body and the mind. It is a pathway to an inner state, where what is you and what is yours is separate, resulting in absolute clarity of perception and your outlook to see the world.

During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. This process may result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can give you a sense of calmness, innerpeace and mental balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. These benefits don’t end when your meditation session ends

Meditation a stress Buster

Meditation might also be useful if you have a medical condition, especially one that may be worsened by stress.

Meditation also helps people manage symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, depression, asthma, sleep disorders, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches etc to name a few.

Meditation uplifts the emotional well-being

Meditation clears away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to stress and anxiety. Regular practice enhances the emotional well being of an individual and he experiences increasing self-awareness, reduced negative emotions and an increased level of patience and tolerance. An individual gains a new perspective on stressful situations and is efficiently able to manage stress and anxiety thereby leading a happy, peaceful and content life.

Elements of meditation

Some of the most common features in meditation include:

Focused attention. It is the first and foremost elements of meditation. Focusing your attention is what helps free your mind from the many distractions that cause stress and worry. You can focus your attention on such things as a specific object, an image, a mantra, or even your breathing.

Relaxed breathing. This technique involves deep, even-paced breathing The purpose is to slow your breathing, take in more oxygen, and reduce the use of shoulder, neck and upper chest muscles so that you breathe more efficiently.

A quiet setting. In the beginning, practicing meditation may be easier if you’re in a quiet spot with few distractions, including no television, radios or cellphones. With regular practice, you get more skilled at meditation and you may be able to do it anywhere, especially in high-stress situations.

A comfortable position. You can practice meditation whether you’re sitting, lying down, walking, or in other positions or activities. Just try to be comfortable so that you can get the most out of your meditation. Aim to keep good posture during meditation.

Open attitude. Let all your negative thoughts pass through your mind without judgment.