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What Our Customers Say​

Dr Dipikka is extremely empathetic listener to understand your queries in depth and provide a thorough analysis. Her answers to specific questions are quite insightful. I find her to be a very genuine astrologer and highly recommend her for any specific issues that one may have.

Puneet Gandhi

Dr. Gupta helped me a lot with her reading of my astrological chart. She has been very helpful with her recommendations and she was very spot on with events that had happened in my past. You will definitely understand yourself better after talking with her. I highly recommend her!

Anand Chaturvedi

I met with Dipikka ji by chance, and what a blessing she has proved to be. With her patient and positive nature she has amplified the goodness in my life. She has our best interests at her heart and strives to remedy every challenge. I highly recommend her. She truly has a Midas Touch !

Niru Venkat

Dipikka is really well versed and has a thorough understanding about Vastu and astrology. We consulted her for our home and office and her remedies were effective and helpful. She was available to us, as she is to other clients and she went the extra mile to make sure we were fully satisfied. Our interaction has always been very pleasant and she always amazes me with her in-depth knowledge of these sciences. Just want to extend our sincere thanks to her for all her help and assistance.

Dr. Dinesh Sethi

I first consulted Deepikaji, after watching one of her TV programs. I was highly impressed by her pin point accuracy. She asked me six questions to confirm that my birth particulars are accurate. She was accurate to the point of predicting even severe knee pain i was having at that time. Since then i have consulted her many times and find her to have a divine blessing from God, apart from excellent fund of knowledge. She is expert in so many streams of ancient knowledge. Apart from astrology, she has helped me with chakra healing, meditation, vaastu and aromatherapy. Had consulted many astrologers before her, no one even comes close to her level of knowledge. She took serious interest and explained everything beautifully. She can help everyone with her vast knowledge with any problem in any field of life. Highly recommended.

Dr. Hitendra Jain

I kind of never believed in astrology. At some point of my life, I was going through a lot of hic ups in my life for no evident fault of mine, until a good old friend of mine recommended that I speak with Dipikajee just to see what she had to say, and quiet honestly I went in my initial consulting as a big skeptic, but within just 10 mins of talking to her, I was a believer. I have never felt like this before. She gave me unbiased opinions with realistic and doable small ceremonies that I could perform . Without any exaggeration I would say that my life changed for good. I am more optimistic then ever and things started turning for good in my life. I would highly recommend a visit with OHM healings.

Wish you all the best Dipika jee. Am sure your have changes so many lives for good. God bless you.

Kush Shah

We got Vastu analysis at our place and we noticed positive results in about 2 weeks time. Thank you Deepika Ji for your thorough professionalism and taking care of what our family needed.

Keep up your Excellent work at the ancient practices alive. Thank you so very much, God bless you.

Jithesh Nair

Dipikka is very knowledgeable and thorough in her evaluation and advice. We were referred to her by one of our friend, during her consultation she was very patient and took time to listen to us. We have consulted her for vastu planning before starting construction modifications to our house. She gave us ample time and worked closely with us to come up with a plan. Would highly recommend her. Thank you Dipikka ji.

Manish C

I have known Dipikka since 2016.
I met her at Guruji Temple and instantly developed a great connection with her.
She has a strong and authentic personality which provides one with instant comfort to open up to her.
Many of her clients are my friends or other common people of the community who have engaged the services of Dipikka for either Vastu or astrology.

They all rave about the accuracy of her readings and commend her soft and genuine attitude and her willingness to help them in solving their problems.

Seema M. Singh

Director, Singh Law